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World Trading is one of the largest liquidators and distributors of excess auto parts from various automotive aftermarket suppliers as well as OEM and Tier 1-4 suppliers in the United States with over one million square feet of merchandise. Our inventory originates from major U.S. automotive parts manufacturers and distributors who generate excess inventory through obsolescence, stock-lifts, over production, discontinued packaging, excess inventory, and bankruptcies. We offer significant cost savings (up to 75% off wholesale) on all types of automotive parts when compared to national export suppliers.
   We Buy Manufacturer Excess Inventory and Stock-Lifts
We purchase excess inventory from quite a few large national retailers, aftermarket manufacturers and WD's and would like the opportunity to bid on your excess product.

We pay cash for purchases and dispatch our trucks to pick up the material making it an easy transaction. Our competitors may promise high rates of return when you ship the product to them on consignment, but that logic is flawed because they do not pay for product that they cannot sell. In the end, it makes better sense to sell off the entire inventory for cash rather than wait for partial consignment sale payments each month. When suppliers evaluate their rates of return on consignment sales and realize that the return was not as expected, our business model is an advantage.

We protect distribution channels and do not re-sell stock-lift product to warehouses for purposes of returns like our competitors do. We abide by the sales restrictions that are specified by the supplier.

Attn: Manufacturers | WD's | Retail Chains, Please Contact Us if you have excess inventory for sale.
   Para Español Contactar a: ........ Telefono: (281) 565-5457
Comercializamos marcas de reconocimiento en el Mercado Automotriz y otorgamos excelentes precios, ofrecemos productos como:

  • Bujias
  • Cables de bujias
  • Bobinas
  • Sensores
  • Pastillas de frenos
  • Rotores de frenos
  • Cilindros maestros de frenos
  • Cilindros de ruedas
  • Partes de suspension
  • Filtros de Aceite
  • Filtros de Aire
  • Amortiguadores

Adicionalmente tenemos muchos mas productos que seran de su interes.

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Over 400,000 Serpentine Belts at Closeout Prices
Over 1 Million Spark Plugs at Closeout Prices

5,000 Mixed CV Axles (New)
Over 200,000 Spark Plug Wire Sets at Closeout Prices: